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My life – My world – My gadgets!

Hi, I’m Ravi from Bangalore. I live alone and I work from home. It’s not that I am not a people person but the fact is that I am a busy person with lots to do. Working from home allows me the freedom to work my own way. But it requires me to stay connected always whether online or over phone. And being a gadget freak I have been heavily relying on them to make my work easier, more efficient and convenient.  I am more of a routine guy, because it is important for my career. I set multiple alarms on my smart phone between 7am to 7:30am. Get up and get going by 8am. I wear my running watch and burn some calories. It collects data every time I run, update it on my system and then encourage me to do better. It is my best running partner. 


By 9:30 a.m. I get ready for breakfast. Toast the bread and sip on my coffee while I learn about what’s happening across the world on my laptop. After breakfast, I check all my mails, revert if required, assign tasks to my teammates and hold teleconferences over Skype with my clients (if required).

By 12:30 noon my maid arrives and starts cleaning and cooking. I enjoy my meal and watch news. After my maid leaves I get back to my laptop by 3 pm and restart my work. 5pm Tea time! Schedule next to do list and get off my work station by 8pm. Next it’s time for some entertainment, so I turn on the home theatre; listen to some good music while I indulge in some classics on my Kindle. Sometimes this reading session gets is replaced by online shopping.

About 9pm, and it’s time for dinner. I have habit of watching recorded episodes of ‘Dexter’ while having dinner. After this, if I am not too tired I load Call of Duty on my PlayStation and blast a few rounds or go to bed. This is how entrenched my life is with my gadgets – my home theatre, play station or smartphone keep me entertained. My toaster, coffee maker, laptop, runner watch and smart phone help me work hard and feed myself.

This is my life-my world-my gadgets. I love all of them.  My day will be incomplete without any of these electronics – they make my life a lot easier.  But being a responsible consumer of gadgets, I also make sure my love for electronics doesn’t harm the planet – which is why I always recycle my old broken down electronics whenever I purchase a new one.

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