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Maintenance Tips for Your Electronic Devices

You can also help reduce E-waste by caring for and extending the life of your current electronic devices.
Here are some tips for adding a few years to your electronics:
  • Know your devices’ maintenance instructions and how to properly clean them. You can find the instructions in the owner’s manuals or searching online.
  • Don’t cover or block your devices’ ventilation areas. Covering these areas tends to cause overheating, which could shorten its life.
  • Keep electronics away from heaters and radiators. Be sure not to leave them in direct sunlight and areas with high humidity or dust.
  • Never use a vacuum to clean dust from electronics, this can create static and harm the components. Use a damp, lint-free cloth and a mild, heavily diluted cleaning agent or a specialty anti-static wipe.
  • Never use glass cleaner or detergents, as they can damage television and PDA screens. Electronics retailers sell special cleaners for these screens. Be sure the television or monitor has cooled beforehand. Also, do not apply pressure when cleaning or wiping, as screens can be extremely delicate.
  • Keep your smaller electronics products in protective carrying cases to prevent scratches or breakage.

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